The Requirements Visa in Bali

One of the interesting tourist destinations in Indonesia is Bali. Bali can be easily accessed by tourists because of the electronic Bali Visa application and visa-free agreement. This is in accordance with the travel plans and nationalities of tourists. Tourists are expected to prepare a visa in Bali or may be allowed to enter the country due to certain interests.

Bali Visa Requirements

In this article, we will provide important information for foreign nationals who want to know the Bali visa requirements.

1. Bali Visa Requirements

The Bali visa requirements vary widely according to the type of permit and registration of the applicant. Generally, some of the Bali visa requirements are :

  • Enter data in the application form
  • Include a recent passport size photo
  • Have an area with validity criteria
  • Does not pose a threat to the health and safety of Indonesian citizens and foreigners living in Indonesia. This can be assessed through a number of health & safety questions contained in the application form.
  • Provide appropriate supporting documents such as proof of return, financial evidence, invitation letters, health certificates, onward trips, and others according to the special conditions of tourists

2. Future Bali Travel Requirements

The current covid-19 pandemic, all visa on arrival services in Bali have been stopped. you need to get a visa first. An easy way to make the required visa is to take advantage of the online visa services available in Indonesia.

Visitors who do not meet the specified requirements to have a Bali visa or are not from a visa-free country, must go to a consultant or make a direct application letter. Foreigners who wish to travel and explore the island of Bali must meet the latest entry requirements in the Indonesian territory before planning their trip.

That’s information about the Bali visa requirements that you should know, especially for those of you who want to visit the island of Bali. You can get more information through E-Visa Bali easily. Be sure to access our links for your next trip to Bali.