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Septic Tank Installation Good

WC frequent cause of the incompressible include:

Often incorporate objects that were hard to crush.

Frequent cleaning loos pour into the antiseptic liquid WC Construction WC were glossed over. (Only one or two rooms / shelters hole).

To avoid the clogged toilets, this way:

Do not remove / insert objects that were hard to crush such tella, plastic etc.

time cleaning the toilet, do not enter the liquid antiseptic like carbol, densol or lisol into the toilet as it will kill spoilage bacteria or worms in the WC.

While creating a septic tank, use three rooms in the ratio 1: 2: 1; Among the rooms one room with two holes at the bottom give about 20 to 30 cm as the entry of faeces (stools) into room 2. Was the room 2 with 3 by a hole in the top as the entry of faeces to Room 3.

Faeces destruction process:

Faeces will be floating at the top in Room 1 and will split the incoming water crushed into small parts being ruined old faeces, pushed back to the room 2.

Dikamar 2 this decay process continues and faeces has narrowed to a liquid that will be pushed back to the bedroom 3 toilet flushing and the next moment dikamar 3 faeces getting smaller and will be pushed out toward the exhaust hole.

It would be better if after the exhaust hole disposed of land and replaced with a mixture of sand, gravel and fibers and do not forget Make a gas discharge pipe.

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The following description of the handling sepitank on your toilet.