Recognizing Spa Tips for Beauty and Health


Recognizing Spa Tips for Beauty and Health, Spa as a beauty treatment that not only gives freshness and soothes the body and mind. But it also has a number of benefits for overall health. The point of a spa treatment is to get maximum peace of mind, body and soul.

The treatment system that is increasingly popular with urban residents also consists of several types. Usually, spa treatments are separated based on the benefits and the place where the spa is carried out. Here are some types of spa, according to the International Spa Association.

Understand the Type of Spa You Don’t Know!

1. Destination Spa

Spa treatments that are planned for holistic rejuvenation, are useful for making the body and mind more fit. Destination spas make sure you relax as a whole while moving to follow a healthy eating plan. Spas are generally divided into body treatments, physical activities, learning about health, healthy cuisine and several special programs.

To get overall relaxation, this spa usually takes more than one day. Therefore, it is called a destination spa, because it is generally carried out on an island, hotel or resort outside the city which is far from the crowds of the city.

2. Day Spa

Offer a variety of spa treatments that are handled by several professional staff who are there every day. This is a treatment that people can enjoy every day. Some people go to day spas for manicures and pedicures, while others prefer body massages or facials.

3. Medical Spa

Medical spas provide spa services, but are managed under the supervision of a certified clinical doctor. This spa concentrates on cosmetic treatments, such as laser to remove spots or spots on the skin, injection of B filler or otox.

4. Health Spa

At its core, health spas concentrate on overall health care. Generally located in some of the most comfortable and quiet places. When doing treatment, usually will be overcome by activists who want to give advice to support your health.


5. Spa Resort

A spa in a hotel or resort. Generally made to add comfort and make some guests or tourists feel at home for long in the hotel. Usually offer general spa services and fitness classes. Perfect for travelers, families and business people who often go out of town or country beautiful relaxing music romantic.

6. Mineral Springs Spa

As the name implies, this spa uses several natural mineral ingredients. Mineral springs spa relies on thermal or sea water to provide hydrotherapy treatments to spa customers or clients.

7. Airport Spa

Has the purpose of providing express treatment for travelers or airplane passengers before boarding. Some common airport spa treatments are 15 minute and minute oxygen therapy bench massage. Changi Airport in Singapore, as an airport that has provided this facility for several foreign or domestic travelers.