Hotel 81 and Famous Place near There

Hotel 81 is a good place for your staycation. It has a strategic location and is close to many famous sites. So, if you stay there during your vacation, you can go to the travel destination with no effort. Here is someplace that you can reach easily.

Lucky Plaza

In this place, you can buy many souvenirs and gifts. The location is about 2.27 kilometers from the hotel. So, you can drive there in a few minutes only. If you like to walk around the street to take some photographs on the way, go there on foot. Whether if you are alone or with friends, you can have good sightseeing when you walk there.

Marina Bay Sands Casino

Entertainment is a must when you are on vacation. Many people come to Singapore to get good entertainment access. So, if you like to play in the casino, Marina Bay Sands Casino will be a good place. It is only 2.49 kilometers away from Hotel 81. You can go there comfortably with your friends.

Universal Studio Singapore

Many activities and games can you get if you go to this place. There are many scenes of films that they have. So, you can take a photo with the best background. The location is easy to reach because it is only 6.51 kilometers from the hotel. You can go there on a low budget because the tickets are affordable and sometimes there is a special discount too.

Nearby Facilities

There are many nearby facilities too in the hotel. Here are some facilities that make you feel more comfortable.

  1. ATM/Banking

Sometimes, you need to bring some cash. But, if you are in a hurry, you can go to the ATM / Banking near the hotel. So, you can take your money and pay some needs.

  1. Beauty salon

Do you want to have a relaxing time in a beauty salon? Don’t worry, because you can go to the beauty salon near there. May services will you get. For example, massage, peeling, and face treatment.

  1. Gift Shop

If you want to surprise someone, but do not have time to buy some gifts, go to the gift shop near the hotel. You can get many various presents and make your loved ones happy.

  1. Grocery

If you want to buy some groceries, go to the grocery store and you can choose fresh fruits and vegetables. It is good when you are a backpacker or solo traveler.

  1. Hair Salon

The holiday is tiring sometimes, and maybe you need some cream bath or hair treatment. This place is a good spot to get all the services. It is located near the hotel, sol you can reach there easily.

  1. Laundry

There is also a laundry area near the hotel. If you stay at the hotel for attending a wedding and want to wash the dress, you can go to the laundry and get the best service.

There are so many places that are good for your holiday near this one of the best Singapore hotels. If you have never been here before, just try to stay and get all the best services.